Basketball – What Has Teamwork Got To Do With It?

Teamwork is not only very important in sports, but also in our workplace and at school we have to work in teams. Doing sports is not only important to stay fit; it also helps us to develop our ability to work in a team. We learn to get along with each other and how to reach a goal together. In other words, or in basketball language: We have to work together to set up the perfect shot. Every team member has an important role to accomplish the team’s goals and to be successful! Together we are strong and successful.

Basketball is one of the most famous team sports in America. There are two teams with usually five players in each team. The game begins with a tip off. The challenge is to score more baskets than the other team. It sounds simple, but it isn’t because there are many rules that make it difficult, and there are five enemy players who try to stop you. When you hit the basket inside the three-point line your team gets 2 points, and when you score outside this line your team gets 3 points. The basket is mounted 3,05 metres over ground. From my point of view, basketball is a very technical game for which you need lots of skills and training. Therefore, you really have to be familiar with the rules. There are many rules; that’s why you shoot many fouls like personal or technical fouls. We discussed the basics rules in one of our last English lessons and today we played it in our school’s gym. I liked it because we all had fun while playing it. The most famous basketball player is Michael Jordan. I like to watch basketball games from the NBA very much. It is a very funny but exhausting sport and you need a lot of energy to play it. I played basketball the first time at school, and I realised how important it is to be a team player! This kind of sport is really good to learn how to work in a team.



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